My name is Charlie Conlon. I started getting into film when I was 14 with a youtube show called “Rofflecopter”, and yes it’s still on youtube. As I got older I tried many different styles of film and animation with my production “Apocalypsevidoes”. in 2010 I went to Fanshawe College and took Broadcasting Television for 2 years. I have only just started to join and submit films in film festivals, before I just made videos for fun. I have only won 3 awards but all were for the same animated short “The Witch In My Attic”. Throughout school I did many different videos and started a show called “In The Kitchen With Charlie” Which is a 10 episode series, also on youtube.

After graduating school in 2012 I got a job at CTV2 in London Ontario as an Editor.  It is a great job and the people are amazing. Though I love working in the newsroom and editing different stories everyday, my passion lies in film and animation. So with that being said I hope you enjoy the stories I tell through film and animation, as I learn more and more everyday.

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