New Project

Currently working on a new project. I’m going to be taking my time on this one because I want it to be a great story. It will be another animation, but much different from what I’m used to.  I will post stuff as I get more into the actual drawings and animating.

BjM80NCIEAAMAxV  A little doodle while writing the script and brain storming.

The Walkerville Legend

This is a cartoon that I worked on in secret from my girlfriend Liz Mailloux. She thought I was making a new cartoon about a monster that lived in the rum running tunnels of Old Walkerville (Windsor Ontario). Little did she know It was actually about our 6 year relationship as a couple, and 10 year relationship as best friends. I premiered it at Villains Beastro with firends and family as if it was just a showing of my 3 animations. Everything went perfectly and Liz was very surpirsed. We are now engaged and ready for more adventures in life.

The Ghost Of Ed

This cartoon is based off a true story from my childhood. A man did die across the street, and I did have to do chores over there for my moms art classes. I always thought he was up there, and it was usually tough for me to go over by myself because of how scared I was, as any 7 year old would be. The setting of this cartoon is true to the layout of the building, and it was very nostalgic to think back to my childhood and try to remember how it was, and how I felt. I had a lot of fun with the animated short, and i hope to make many more in the future.