New Project

Currently working on a new project. I’m going to be taking my time on this one because I want it to be a great story. It will be another animation, but much different from what I’m used to.  I will post stuff as I get more into the actual drawings and animating.

BjM80NCIEAAMAxV  A little doodle while writing the script and brain storming.

The Walkerville Legend

This is a cartoon that I worked on in secret from my girlfriend Liz Mailloux. She thought I was making a new cartoon about a monster that lived in the rum running tunnels of Old Walkerville (Windsor Ontario). Little did she know It was actually about our 6 year relationship as a couple, and 10 year relationship as best friends. I premiered it at Villains Beastro with firends and family as if it was just a showing of my 3 animations. Everything went perfectly and Liz was very surpirsed. We are now engaged and ready for more adventures in life.